Get Healthy- Anti-Age Your Body
March 25, 2012
Helena Christensen for Reebok Ads

Ten easy steps to take care of your body:



1.Go easy on the grilling, and use lemon and vinegar to marinate.

2.Drink coffee and tea: Coffee could lower risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

3.Dark chocolate with at least 50% cacao, and avoid “Dutch processed” or alkalized bars.
4.Work out harder, not longer!
5.Sweat your sanity: exercise helps squelch depression, reduce stress, boost brain volume and bolster your memory.
6.Get supplements: Omega-3s to reduce heart disease risk and help fortify your brain; get vitamin D- a lack of it has been linked to accelerated aging, depression, osteoporosis, weak immunity system and heart disease.
7.Sleep it off- sleep is when the body repairs. Getting enough sleep keeps stress at bay, your mind sharp, pound off, and blood sugar stable.

8.Stay away from Human Growth Hormone (hGH)!

9.Lighten up: Optimism and forgiveness can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce depression!
10.Inject short bursts of joy in your life, fresh flowers, green views from your desk. It lowers your stress levels… And that beach vacation?! It’s an investment in your health!


For details, read the full article in Harper’s Bazaar, US edition- April 2012- Harper’s Bazaar Website
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