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My Gucci Obsession… So Guilty!

Gucci Fall 2016

It’s not a secret. I have been so obsessed with Gucci lately…. Everything Gucci, obsessed with it all.. (and apparently I am not alone. Gucci is in the top 10 trending fashion brands on Google, not only in 2016 but for the past few years.)

What is it that I like? I love how designer Alessandro Michele is presenting his collection; the way he’s styling the shows, the shoots… His attention to all details. You follow models on the runway and you don’t know where to look; you don’t want to miss any of the details. There’s a certain quirkiness to it, and I am loving it.

Also, next time you’re in Milan, don’t miss visiting the store for your customized items, such as the Must Have Gucci bomber jacket.

Here’s a list of all the things I love…. And here is where to shop!

Gucci Embellished plissé silk-chiffon gown
Gucci Dress Fall 2016
Gucci- $5,500 Buy it Here
Gucci coat
Twisted printed duchesse silk-satin headband
Gucci Ruffled Sweater
Gucci Appliquéd metallic textured-leather bomber jacket
Gucci Slippers
Gucci Slippers: $840- Buy it Here
Gucci loafers
Gucci loafers: $850- Buy it Here
Gucci Dionysus embroidered shoulder bag
Gucci Dionysus Handbag: $3,600- Buy it Here
Little William embellished ribbed cotton-blend socks
Gucci Intarsia Headband
Gucci Twisted printed duchesse silk-satin headband
Gucci Headband: $375- Buy it Here
Gucci Blooms print silk headband
Gucci Silk Headband: $375- Buy it Here
Gucci Bracelet
Gucci Bracelet- Buy it Here
Gucci Brooch
Gucci Bracelet
Gucci- Buy it Here
Gucci flower pin
Gucci- Buy it Here
Gold-plated, Swarovski crystal and faux pearl clip earrings