Get Bella's, Kaia's, Kendall's and Gigi's Topknot
October 29, 2018

How To Get The Perfect Topknot

At the Fendi show in Milan, celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight was inspired by a picture of Twiggy in the late sixties. The hair is in a topknot with a victorian ringlet. It was a little odd and kind of dull like, but it had lightness and strength. “We don’t want it to look too sophisticated; we want it to have a little fun." says Sam.

To get the same style, you would think you just grab your hair and tie it high on your head, but not really. For the perfect topknot, you have to comb all the roots, and start with a very tight elastic ponytail. Finish with a lot of hairspray so it keeps the underneath flat. 

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