Salma Hayek Pinault on Love, Valentina and Her Success
April 29, 2015

Salma Hayek in Elie Saab !

During her visit to Lebanon, Salma Hayek opened up in a very emotional interview on national TV about love, her daughter and her success. Here is what she said.

One of my greatest accomplishments in life is that I found love. I am very lucky. It’s a privilege to be married to the man you love, and I know it doesn’t happen all the time. 
I am lucky to have my parents and my brother, family is very important to me. And I have a lot of animals, and they love me a lot. I have love.

My husband makes fun of me because I am very protective and loving, this is my nature. When she gets married, I want her to live with me with her husband. But the truth is, I want her to be better than me. She is better than me already.  I give her the good tools for life, but I have to respect her as a woman.
She’s over 35, her name is not very hollywood-ish, and she has an accent. How did she succeed? “Everybody tried to tell me I was not good enough, but I simply did not believe them.
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