My Diet Diary- Week 3/Phase 2, Right on Target
July 27, 2014
Week I– Success, on target! Read it here!

Hayat Ammouri’s Diet Diary

For 2 weeks, I have been following the 2nd phase of Krystel’s recommended healthy diet. It’s Ramadan, so I am fasting. The rules for this phase are to have a warm glass of water with a lemon wedge and ginger slices, followed by 1 kiwi.

I could have soup (vegetable soup or chicken soup); lentil soup is not recommended. It’s fine to have it but not more than twice a week.  I can also have “fattouch” (a typical salad we do during Ramadan), but of course, without bread.

Just that for me is a lot! I feel grateful I could have vegetables and salad..
These 2 weeks, I was able to have meat, chicken and fish for Iftar; vegetables (except for a few like beets, corn, carrots, etc… ) I can have avocado once a week if I am fasting (I had it as guacamole with grilled chicken).

I am also allowed to have 6 baked cheese fingers twice a week (and I had them twice for 1 week only, I love it!)… My friend even made some special ones for me at her house because she knows how much I love it and that I am allowed to have it… 

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, I am allowed to have 2 spoons of rice (skipped), or a medium boiled potato (had it, of cousre)…

2 to 3 hours after Iftar,  I am allowed to have a fruit. It could be 1 peach, 1 apple, 1 pear, or cantaloupe. I am even allowed to have “knefeh”, “Atayif” and baked “kellej”, with a diet sugar sauce (ater) once or twice a week. I don’t really like deserts, so I didn’t have any.

For iftar, I mainly had barbecued meat and chicken, I had shrimps once in a salad (with 1 grapefruit and avocados- sorry Krystel, not sure if grapefruit was a bad choice in this case- but it was delicious!)…

Afetr Iftar, I was having my nescafé with fat free coffeemate and no sugar.

I did have the fruit every day.

For souhour, I was having 2 pieces of oat toast, with labneh, halloum, turkey slices, thyme, olive oil and cucumbers. One night I had 2 eggs, but the next day I felt so sick that I could not even fast! On that day, a Thursday, I ordered fat free chicken shawarma with a baked potato for lunch.


Ok, I am not an angel, but still I am amazed how I am following the rules. This does not mean 0% cheating though… I did cheat, but only a few times… 
  • 1/3 cup of jelleb (a Ramadan special drink, mainly made of sugar, ewwww!)
  • Few slices of watermelon, just few times (also loaded with sugar).
  • I also cheated on the sleeping rule, which I think is a very important rule imposed by Krystel. But it’s so hard to have full night sleeps during Ramadan.

A couple of days before my appointment with Krystel, I received a call from her clinic, so I thought I missed my appointment. But they were really calling just to check on me! This was very nice of them.. 

I went to see Krystel 21 days after I had initially started (2 weeks after 1 week shock diet). First she said she liked the blog, but that it’s really shameful that I let myself go and neglected myself, especially with the job I have. So now she’s even more motivated than me for me to lose the weight!
What I really loved about her is that she was pushing me to do the things I love, giving advice and ideas on what to do with my job. She was not only interested in my weight, but also in my life and achievements. I think she knows that weight is always personal, many times coming from some stressful situations or personal dissatisfaction in certain areas. And I felt she cared about having me solve my issues. 

OK… I talked a lot…  Do you want to know the results? I lost another 2.5 kilos, for a total of 5 kilos in 21 days, which is not bad at all. But most importantly, I lost 9 centimeters from my waist! 4 from by biceps, and that’s an achievement!

Krystel asks me if I am doing ok with the diet, “Yes,” I replied… “I don’t feel I am on a diet at all!”. Well, big mistake! Huge! Because I am feeling very comfortable, she changed the plan for me, also to take advantage of the fact that I am fasting! And I will see her in 10 days!

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