Salma Hayek’s Words of Wisdom, 10 inspirational quotes to live by!
April 29, 2015


Salma Hayek Pinault:”When you find freedom, you don’t die”
Salma Hayek’s Words of Wisdom
When Salma Hayek talks, you’re mesmerized by her passion and emotions, her beauty and also her wisdom. Here are 10 inspirational quotes on how she sees and live her life.

1. Life is the greatest gift.

2. If you have a Lebanese friend, you have a friend forever.

3. When you find freedom you don’t die.

4. Elegance always imposes respect.

5. God lives in every single one of us, in nature and in space too. Our relationship with him has to come from within.

We must be here to dream the impossible. 

7. Everybody can help, sometimes it’s not money, it’s just kindness.

8. Hate, we have to make war against hate, with peace and forgiveness.

You have to look for your greatest potential and try…

10. You think if you have money you don’t have a heart?
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