Margherita Missoni’s Bohemian Wedding
July 07, 2012
By: Hayat Ammouri
Last week, Magherita Missoni got married to her fiancé Eugenio Amos. Family and friends were invited to a glamorous bohemian breakfast reception, celebrated in a Missoni moroccan style, followed by another gypsy inspired party later in the night.
Margherita Missoni Marries Eugenio Amos
Margherita Missoni with Eugenio Amos
Margherita Missoni’s Wedding
The bride and the groom didn’t want any wedding presents, but instead, asked their guests to make donations to OrphanAid Africa, in which Margherita is personally involved in Ghana since 2002.
Margherita Missoni’s Wedding Dress: At 15 years ols, Margherita cut an image of a wedding dress, and here it is on her wedding day. The dress as she says was realized by women who saw her growing up, following her directions and her friend’s Giambattista Valli’s couture recommendations.

In a previous exclusive interview in Milan with Glamouria’s Hayat Ammouri, when Rosita Missoni was asked about the secrets of a successful marriage, she answered: “Forgiveness, accepting one another, and of course, love…”

Margherita Missoni’s Wedding
Margherita Missoni’s Wedding- Bridemaids
Margherita Missoni’s Wedding Cake- This has to be Glamouria’s Favourite Wedding Cake EVER!


Margherita Missoni’s Wedding


Angela Missoni and Rosita Missoni
Missoni Style Wedding


Missoni Style Wedding
Missoni Style Wedding
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