With Diesel’s Renzo Rosso….
September 28, 2012
Part 1.

Hayat Ammouri with Renzo Rosso
Ciao Libano!
Come va?
Are women still giving you a hard time?? 
Women are special… women are the beauty…. women are the art.. Women could inspire to succeed. 
You’re concentrating more on your women line?
My touch is masculine, and we succeed extremely well on the man’s side. 50% of people entering our store are female, but  at the end, 70% of our total sales are for males, and 30% female. So we have an opportunity to expand the line. We fixed the direction where to go. We want to transform the Diesel DNA with a feminine silhouette. 

Your ideal woman… What would she be wearing from Diesel?
It depends on the kind of woman, and where she is going.. This is why we have a lot of variety in our collections. If you are out at night, you could look nice with black denim or shorts with a jacket…. Or even a nice black denim dress… 
What’s your advice for lovers:
Make love and be happy!

What’s the lifestyle of the Diesel customer?
People who wear Diesel are people who know what’s going on: they are web oriented, and they know how to put together different brands and create the best style of the moment.
What scares you in the new generation?
I think they are lovely people, and they have access to a lot of information, much more than what I did when I was young. I think they are fantastic, so creative… But they loose the values of life.
What are the values that you kept yourself?
The values of life, respect, in general. Dignity. Today, they go more for something easy and fast.
And what are the mistakes that women are making nowadays?
Wawww…Women? I am a man… so I love women, I love women… I would tell them “Be cool, be sexy.. Don’t make men crazy like you do sometimes”.
Are they driving you crazy?
You know, I went through two separations, and I have two families. In one way, I suffered so much for that!
I know you work so hard, and some young people look at you as their role model. What advice do you have for them for their career?
I would shake their hand, and tell them, if you believe in something, really believe in it, go deeply, and gain respect. Go one way, focus, be consistent, and one day you will make it.
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