Marc Jacobs: “Hi, I am Marc…”
October 11, 2012

Glamouria- by Hayat Ammouri

“Hi, I am Marc”…..
Part 1-

Hayat Ammouri Interviews Marc Jacobs- New York

Before meeting him, all I was thinking about and hoping  was that he would be wearing his kilt…. and he was: “I don’t change my style much, sometimes I do, but not in terms of kilts”….  (aieeeee)…

You’re seen as a rule breaker… Does it come instinctively?
I am not rebellious, I just like to have a good time, and I love my work. Lately, in the past 2 years, I just started to feel comfortable expressing myself, and encourage others to express themselves. I find such joy in doing that. I guess I am very instinctive, I make my choices based on what I like to do. 
You gained your confidence a little later.. 
Yes, it took me a long time (laughing)…
What’s your advice for others who still didn’t get there?
I guess everybody comes into their own, in their own time. you can’t force a flower to grow; it takes the time it has to take. 
For me, I had certain health issues, digestion.. I saw a nutritionist, and I started to go to the gym, I changed my diet.. I started to feel very good.. I started to discover how much I liked contemporary arts, and that opened a lot of doors for me. As a result, I met lots of artists… All the combined experiences in my life, working maybe between New York and Paris, getting over certain fears and insecurities, made me gain a certain amount of confidence.. I still have insecurities,  but I am enjoying myself and my work more since I overcame things that worried me. 
You’re also a bit of a celebrity..
I love attention. People always laugh when I say that, but it’s so normal. Actors go on stage maybe because it’s their calling. Maybe they want to entertain people, but also they enjoy the applause they get. And I think although I love the process of putting together a collection with my team, I also love after the show when people say that Ohh, I loved that show… I do this for me because it’s what I love, but I also do it for others. It’s about taking the chance and putting something out there. Instinctively you want to do it, but also you’re hoping to be recognized for it and having people appreciate it. That’s what I mean by loving the attention. Sometimes I think it’s funny what people pay attention to… It’s such a joy to be recognized for what you do, even if people like it or don’t like it, but at least they notice it.
How do you deal with the paparazzi side?
I don’t mind. If I want privacy I stay at home. But it’s nice. The only reason why people are interested in me is because I do something that people have an interest in. I think there are lots of people who love fashion. We make a product that people enjoy. When you do things that people like, they will start wanting to know more about the person behind it: where do you go on vacation, where do you buy your coffee… It’s flattering, not because I am unique, but because we have created something that made me as a figure interesting.
Is there any price that you have pay?
I don’t think I had to pay any price. I have been grateful. Sometimes I get exhausted, and super stressed, but this is true of anything. I don’t think there’s really a price or a negative or a downside to it. 
Don’t you get a little tired of attention?
No, not so far.
Do you have any secret spots? Where can we find you?
I am usually in my office in both places, Paris and New York. I also go to the gym. I like to have my friends for dinner at home. I go to restaurants very rarely. You could find me at galleries and museums, because that’s what I like to do in my free time…. And I like to go shopping. 
Are you superstitious?
Yes… I am… When I travel, I like people to wish me a safe flight.
What are you obsessed with?
I don’t know if I have any recent obsessions… I can’t think of anything.
Do you watch TV?
Not so much. But I was obsessed with American Horror Story, and Downtown Abbey .. then I met Lady Mary; We went to the Met Ball, and we met her at the after party.
Are you creative in your personal life.. Do you make any creative things or cook for example?
Oh no, I don’t cook. I don’t even think I could boil water. I don’t cook at all.. When I have time I really just like to relax. I am pretty simple. I put on a sweats and watch a movie on TV or just lye in bed.
Where do you feel most peaceful?
At home, relaxing, whether in New York or Paris. The energy in New York is very different from the energy in Paris, but that little time, that little space it is, in whatever home, that’s my time, just not thinking…
Tell me a little bit about your grandma… I know she played an important role in your life…
I grew up with my grandma, I learnt a lot from her. I learnt respect for clothing. She was always telling me it’s good to take care of your clothes, and that it’s nicer to have one nice thing rather than having many things with lesser quality. She taught me to appreciate quality, and also to have respect for things. She gave me a lot of very good values. 
Where did you grow up?
On the upper west side.
Is this the life that you dreamt about?
I never imagined myself doing a fragrance and all of that.. I dreamt about being a designer and this is what I pursued. Always before the show, there is this moment when you think all these people came from all around the world to watch it. I look at the models, all dressed, and the clothes that we have done, I just can’t believe this ever got to that point. It really is remarkable. When I go to the West village, and I see our store.. I just never would have believed it!
You did some acting, are we going to see you making more movies?
I will never do it again. It was a great experience, but only once. that was my big acting career, and the movie is called “Disconnect”.

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