Chatting with Patricia Field
August 29, 2007

Originally Greek and Armenian, Patricia Field feels a kind of attachment and understanding to our world. Patricia attends the shows for two reasons: Mostly because she enjoys it, she likes to see who is doing what, and then for TV and movie work, “you never know what you need”, she says.

What are you working on now? I am working on six degrees and other TV shows. I also have advertising clients.


Did you always love fashion, when you were a kid?
No, I was natural, I was not really thinking about it.

Do you watch all the shows?

As many as I have time for.


Which shows you wouldn’t miss?

Betsey Johnson, Bill Blass, these are my friends. I don’t like to miss my friends’ shows.


Any advice for women when they get dressed?

Look in the mirror, take a little time, check it out.

What are your favorite colors?

Everybody is not the same, so you can’t apply one rule to all people. However, if your skin is dark, dark skin can wear colors beautifully. Pure white skin can wear colors too, but for skins in between it’s hard. The more color you have in you skin, the more colors you can wear.


Do you like accessories?

I like accessories. They tell a story, they tell the mood, what you want to do. How you want to show yourself. I think they are important.


One thing that we should have in our closet?

Good pair of jeans and a t-shirt.. It depends on everry woman. If you are exotic you should have exotic earrings, for example. But we all wear jeans and t-shirts.


How do you define elegance?

Elegance is a person, not a garment.


Your worked with Sarah Jessica Parker, how was it?

It takes two. It was one of those great situations. She loved it, she trusted me, I trusted her, it was one of those things. I hope we work together again in the future. It’s fun to work with someone who is knowledgeable and who cares. I want to work with people who care…Then it’s interesting, it’s a game.


But when you are too interested, people tend to think you’re obsessed, no?

I don’t really look around and see what people think, I want myself to be happy and good, and if I am happy, it goes around. It’s not negative.


Why do you think the designers love her so much?
Because she has a perfect little body, and perfect proportions, but in addition, she has an elegance and grace of movement. She stands beautifully. She is trained in dancing, she moves beautifully. She makes the clothes look beautiful, that’s why I love her. She is like a mini supermodel, in miniature.

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