Living The Michael Kors Life
September 26, 2012

“Living a full, well-rounded life…having great friends and family, being curious about different facets of culture and other cultures, giving something back and doing it all in style!”- That’s the Kors’ Life…

From Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga, JLO, and different personalities and professions. What do they look for in Michael Kors and what do they all have in common?
“These women are all busy. They’re juggling full lives. They know that Michael Kors makes clothes that are of-the-moment but not trendy so they won’t be out of style next season. And they know my clothes will make them feel glamorous and at the same time, confident and comfortable, no matter where they are in the world.” 

With Michael Kors, it’s usually about “season-less clothing”… Any advice on how to wear summer in winter and vice versa?
“When I say seasonless dressing, I’m not really thinking of wearing the extremes from each season at any time during the year. I don’t expect to see in a swimsuit under her suit in December! But for me, it references fabrics that can be worn for 10 or so months a year. A little lightweight cashmere Henley can be a layering piece in the winter or summer. A chic sheath dress can be worn on its own in warmer weather or with tights and boots in winter. No one does a complete wardrobe switch for the season anymore!”  

 Are you as passionate for shoes, bags and accessories as you are for your clothing collections?
“Absolutely! And you know why? Because they are such a huge part of women’s lives. Every smart, chic woman knows she can personalize and change her entire look with a different bag or shoe. They might be the icing on the cake but it’s the icing that can make the cake unique!”

What’s the best advice for women when choosing a bag? What’s the “it” bag for next fall?
“I don’t think about ‘it’ bags, I think of what works in a woman’s life. For some women that it’s all about a smaller bag that can take her from day to night; other women want one giant tote they can fit everything into. I personally love our MICHAEL Michael Kors burnished leather Hamilton Artisan bag for fall—it’s the perfect size without being overwhelming, and has a beautiful handcrafted finish that will just get better with age.”  

The perfect coat for the coming winter?
“We did some really spectacular coats for fall. We did tartan melton double-breasted styles and Chesterfields. What makes them so divine is that they’re tailored and chic enough to wear with an evening gown, but you could also toss one on over a chunky sweater and jeans. A coat that can go anywhere—that’s perfection!” 

What are the fall essentials that every woman needs?
“This season in particular it’s a smart idea to have pieces that balance masculine and feminine. Some of my favorite looks for fall mix lace with leather, or satin with chunky knits. If you’re looking for one shoe to freshen up everything, go for a platform Mary Jane.”   

Congratulations on your first Million Likes on your facebook! What do you like the most about your followers?
“They’re so engaged and opinionated. I love getting immediate feedback about our brand directly from our customers.”

You’re very involved in Social Media. Do you do your updates personally?
I work very closely with my team on all of our messages.”

Why is social media so important to you?
“Especially on a global level it allows me to communicate with them on the platform they’re most comfortable with. It also helps me understand the ever-evolving needs of our customers all over the world.” 

You also created Destination Kors. Why and what’s the message that you would like to convey through it?
“That’s our editorial-content site; it helps our clients have a personal connection to the things that matter in my life. I tell them about my travels and where I shop, stay and eat all over the world. I give them personal style tips that help them get dressed every day. And I fill them in on my take on great new restaurants or plays or exhibits or books that I’ve experienced lately. They understand that the Michael Kors brand comes from an authentic place.” 

Your designs are supposed to make women feel better. How do you usually make someone feel better out of the fashion world?
“I have been lucky enough to have had the support of a wide range of people throughout my life and my career. But I understand that not everyone is so fortunate. So I am a long-time supporter of God’s Love We Deliver, an amazing organization here in New York that works to improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by providing them with food and nutritional counseling. The work they do alleviates suffering and literally saves people’s lives. I’m glad to be even a small part of that.” 

You show your talent and your passion for fashion through different outlets, as a designer, on TV, even giving styling advice for women in a magazine. What’s next?
“I’m always open to new ways to excite and inspire my customer.”

You’re very close to women. And I sense that you really understand them. What’s the secret for a precious and successful friendship with women?
Be honest, loyal and always tell them if they have lipstick on their teeth!” 

What do women want?
“From me, a shoe, a bag and a piece of clothing that will make her feel like a more confident, sexy and glamorous version of herself!”

You are a true jetsetter. Your customer too. What do you like the most about traveling?
“The inspiration I soak up! Whether it’s a sunset on safari or the jewels at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, there’s always a great take-away.” 

What’s your wildest dream that’s yet to come true?
“I have to say being a designer with stores all over the world is beyond what I ever dreamed. I’m not greedy!” 

Do you think we will see you acting or singing any time soon?
“Not in this lifetime!”

What’s the best life advice you could give to men and women?
“Find work you love so that all the hours you spend doing it are fulfilling.” 

What are the key ingredients to living the “Kors Life”?
“I’d say living a full, well-rounded life…having great friends and family, being curious about different facets of culture and other cultures, giving something back and doing it all in style!”

“Always choose to be optimistic”- How do we do that when something goes wrong?
Think of the glass as half full not half empty and be appreciative and not envious.  

New stores- You opened many this past year. Taipei, Turkey, Madison Avenue, Istanbul, Madrid…. Where are you going next?
“Wherever there might be a new Michael Kors customer!”

What plans do you have for us in the Middle East? When are you planning for your next visit there?
“We will continue to grow our business in the Middle East as the customer is so Michael Kors, truly a global jetsetter with a taste for quality and glamour. As for my next visit, nothing on the calendar for now but I can’t wait.”

What Do You Think?
What Do You Think?
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