At The Custo Barcelona Fittings with Custo Dalmau
March 13, 2012


Hayat Ammouri with Custo Dalmau

How long does it take to get the “one look”? Well sometimes even more than half an hour… Custo was trying to find the best jacket to go with an outfit.. At the end, he decided to cut the sleeves of what he had already chosen. Even the boots’ laces were cut off! (Love these winter all open boots, by the way..)…

This is our non-formal, friendly chat. I hope you get to know him better and like his collections the way I do.. 

Custo Dalmau in New York


How do you feel before the shows?The same as I feel when we are preparing for it. We review the last details, wait for the models.. We are ready for the show!

Do you feel nervous?
No, no no no… Behind what you see here there is a big team of professionals. So you really don’t need to worry.
How do you choose your models, what are you looking for in your models?
We are looking for new faces with a young look. Men and women who feel comfortable and natural wearing colours.
Is your daughter going to be in the show this season?
No, not this time.
Tell me a little bit about this coming Fall collection?
This collection is an evolution that we try to achieve by trying our work on an experimental language. We try to bring new materials, new shapes, new ways to mix fabrics to have a contemporary collection.
What’s new in this one?
A lot of synthetic fabrics to achieve the look of natural leather giving it the vintage look. We also have a lot of over-posing different material to create a 3D texture.
16 years in New York.. Are you still excited about it?

Yes, of course.. I remember when we started showing in New York, there were only 42 shows, now there are over 300! It grew a lot!

What do you like about New York?

The energy that you feel! The energy in the city..

Tell me about your personal style.. Do you wear only Custo?
No, I wear Custo and many other brands. I usually love vintage.
How do you like to spend your time away from work?
I like to travel a lot for pleasure, I like beaches and islands where I could practice water sports. I like the Caribbean, I like the Mediterranean, South of Asia, Latin America..
When was your last vacation?
The last one was skiing, in the mountains, on New Year’s eve.
Do you consider yourself workaholic?
No, I am just enthusiastic about my job.
What’s your advice for women trying to get dressed every day?
Dress with what you feel natural for you. You should feel comfortable in what you wear. Your wardrobe should be an extension of your personality.
I bought a sequined leopard print leggings from Custo, and my daughter is saying it looks “trashy”… What would you tell her?
Hmmmm… You have to talk to her… You know daughters are never happy with their parents… It’s a generational issue.
If you feel comfortable, just wear them!
How is your relationship with your children?
It’s a very nice relationship, but it’s impossible for me to tell them what to wear.
How is your relationship with social Media.. Do you personally go on facebook or twitter?
Noooo… I am from the old generation. Personally, no, I am not there.
What do you like about the new generation?
I like a lot of things… When you are young you have a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of spontaneity.
Your advice for them?
Be careful and passionate about what you’re doing.
What do you usually splurge on?
Restaurants.. Any kind of good food.
How is your business in the Middle East?
It’s still small, but we are working hard on it to grow.
Do you go there?
Yes, I was there I think 2 years ago.
Shouldn’t you go more?
Yes, I will try to go there more. I will go again this year.
I have never been there.. Never been to Beirut.
How could you say that to a Lebanese?
I will go.. I want to go.
We will go in the summer…
How is your kids’ collection doing?
My kids collection is called “Growing”; it’s still growing .
You like kids, don’t you?
I have five kids at home!
I remember I met you once, you had just had an addition to your family.. 
I remember.. Now the baby is 3 years old already..
How are they together?
I have a picture.. Let me show it to you.. They are great… Now they are 3, 5, 6, 11, and 20..
Do you have a favourite?
All of them…
Who do you like more, your wife or your children?
You know the answer…
Your wife for sure??…

Yes, let’s put it this way!

Click here to view images from the fittings…

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